This site is dedicated to the description of a remote access control system that let you to manage the access to some gates/doors for yourself or for other people. I did it to help one of my friend in his Bed&Breakfast management, to enable/disable remotely the access to his clients.

We can distinguish:

  • input human devices like keypads, in the future, nfc tags, etc. Through them, the user sends access requests to the central unit. Each device could be related to a specific gate. The access requests contain keys (strings) that the central unit verifies  and validates.
  • a central unit responsable to manage the incoming user request, checks the keys and gives opening commands to gate interfaces (relays, locks, etc.). It also provides functionalities as monitoring, logging, tracing, etc.
  • interfaces, peripherals that integrate gates: they can be domotic centrals, relays, locks, or citophones to open external gates, etc.
  • comminication peripherals like modem GSM, router adsl/wifi, etc.: through them the administrator manages the whole system (veryfies the state, send opening commands, sees reports and event traces, enable, disable codes). The interaction channel can be SMS, WEB. In the future also by voice.

Many commercial solution could be chosen (probably I will put some of them in the "sitegrafy").  Some of them are well done, very professional,  but they are expensive, sometimes not much open for the integration with other infrastructure, etc.

I chose a self-made solution based on Arduino & RaspberryPi devices. So it's very open. It's new and it's exciting becouse let me to get in confidence with these gadgets very popular at the moment. Thanks to them I experimented the DoItYouself (DIY) concept.

So thi site could be used also by Arduino & Raspberry fans to find useful information end to help me in the care of the project (there are always opportunities to improve).